The photos you have leafed through here are not only about theater, but also say a lot about me. At this point in my life, I felt the need to consider the work done over the last thirty years, and laying it out in the pages of a book seemed to me the best way to do so. We’re all children of history and of the world, and in these pages I recognize the part of me that grew up among beauty and art, among the tangible signs of ancient civilizations, in a marvellous landscape that has always been an inspiration for poets and painters; in short, my way of being Italian.
This is the value I now want to take around the world with me, along with my equipment and my virtual sets, which I prefer to consider as not just being “made in Italy” but, more deeply, “born in Italy”.
It’s therefore not really important exactly where and when I was born, what I studied and where I worked; the wealth I want to share is precisely this combination of values and information which, stimulated and improved thanks to on-going interaction with the theater world’s top professionals, has resulted in a unique “product” able to arouse great emotions for the stories being told.
What about the future? My passion has guided me up until now and I’ll continue to follow it, as it’s always been a trusted counsellor when making choices and taking decisions. With a further valuable resource; my son Mattia, who has worked with me for eighteen years, and has now built up his own experience and the ability to face new challenges, making the most of the latest technology. With the humility and patience that he has shown up until now while learning and growing at work, I’m certain he’ll be able to carry on where one day, perhaps, I won’t have the strength to follow him.

Sergio Metalli

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