People who have always worked with visual images find it difficult to talk about themselves in words.
I’ve therefore decided to let the following pages tell you something about me, my passion and the company I have built up through the years, which has produced digital sets for great theaters worldwide.
When I decided to put these photographs together, I had to do a great deal of work tracking them down and reconstructing the various stages and the projects realized (over 300); as well as the task of choosing the most suitable photos for my story, I immediately began to appreciate the work of revision and analysis to which I submitted all these years of commitment. In each and every one of those operas and works, in every acquaintance made (directors, scenographers and orchestras) I saw the signs of a slow gradual growth, not only as far as my professional experience was concerned, but also into the person I am today. Working in great theaters with great professionals, and listening to great music always does one good, no matter what one’s tastes and preferences.
If, quoting Feuerbach, it is true that “we are what we eat”, it is even truer that the stimuli with which we nourish our minds enable us to mature as people with sensibility, ability to share experiences and spaces, and realize a global society with no frontiers, but based on esteem, respect and culture.
Obviously starting out from Italy was definitely an advantage: our country is really beautiful, full of history and wonderful examples; wherever we go, in every city, ancient monuments, paintings and architecture teach us day after day the meaning of harmony and beauty. Not to mention the great musicians who have worked here, taking their inspiration precisely from these roads, these panoramas, these lights and sounds that are still the heart of our beautiful country to this day.
I now want to offer this to the professionals who ask me to work with them: continuing to make dreams visible, drawing on a personal culture built up through experience and work, patiently put together with countless, small but indispensable little “bricks” shaped through time, with all the people I have met and with whom I have shared hard work and passion. The same work and passion that convinced me to begin and nowadays still gives me the strength to pass over 250 days a year away from home, constantly plane hopping, certain of always finding another marvellous place in which to express myself, help other to express themselves and ensure audiences a great spectacle.

Not only for their eyes, but above all for their minds and hearts.

Sergio Metalli

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